Wow, I can't believe my CD release is just 9 days away!  Steve and I played at the Nourish open mic on Tuesday to warm up a bit which was fun.  He's such an amazing guitar player!  I'm heading up to Winchendon to practice this weekend.  What a hardship to sit in their house on the lake playing music.  Anyone feel bad for me? No? 

I am planning on playing a couple new songs too.  Already starting on the next CD!  I'm diverging a bit from my break-up song tendencies and going for a more empowering stance.  I have been thinking a lot lately about my daughter and the world i want her to grow up in.  How strong she will need to be to push past the crap-- from seemingly innocuous Disney shows to gigantic Victoria's Secret billboards.  How I want her to emerge on the other side a mature version of the amazing person she already is.  

So, I'm thinking maybe that's enough break up songs.  Okay, so I haven't written that many.  But in any case, I'm turning another page.  Starting with Wild which was inspired by Cheryl Strayed's amazing book that so beautifully captures what so many of us seem to go through in our 27th year.  (Something about a "Saturn return"??) Whatever the reason, our hearts or our shoes, the late 20s seem to be a perfect time for self-discovery.  To start it at least.

I hope to see you all on the 20th!!